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If you run multiple WordPress blogs on several servers it can be a daunting task to make sure everything is updated and running smoothly. Depending on how many installations you manage, updating or installing plugins across all your blogs could take hours.

If you are anything like me you have different passwords and possibly different usernames for each blog and usually type in the wrong information every once in awhile.

Vladimir Prelovac has just released a solution that makes managing multiple wordpress installations easier. ManageWP is a combination of a plugin you install on the blogs you are needing to manage and a website that contains a dashboard for managing your installations.

I’ll take you through setting up an account and linking your blogs to the ManageWP dashboard.

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Start out by going to ManageWP.com and setting up an account. The site is very simple and easy to navigate.
Clicking on the Sign Up button takes you to a standard wordpress registration form asking for a username, email and a captcha code.

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After clicking register you will be taken to a login page. You should receive an email that will have your username from the previous step and an auto generated password.

Screenshot 3 292x300 Easily manage multiple Wordpress sitesAfter you log in you will see the dashboard where you can add the sites you want to manage. There will be a notification at the top of the page telling you that you sould change your password to something easier to remember. Iw ould strongly suggest doing this. Clicking the link will take you to a standard wordpress user profile page where you can change your password. Click on the ManageWP link in the left menu after changing your password to return to the dashboard.

Screenshot 4 300x103 Easily manage multiple Wordpress sitesBefore you can start adding your blogs you will need to install a plugin to each blog you want to manage. In the Control Panel section on the far right you will see a link that says “download worker”, This is the plugin you will need to upload and activate on your blogs. Once you have completed installing this you are ready to setup your blogs. Start by clicking on the “Add New Site” button. This will give you a form where you can enter the address username and password of the first blog to manage.

Screenshot 6 300x149 Easily manage multiple Wordpress sites

Repeat this step for each of your blogs. After you have all your blogs setup you are ready to manage them. By clicking the buttons to the right of each site you can manage different aspects of your blogs.

Screenshot 8 300x134 Easily manage multiple Wordpress sitesOverall I think this is a good tool for managing some aspects of your blogs but at the moment it won’t replace logging into your blogs completely. Some of the neat features are the ability to install and update plugins across all your blogs at once. When creating a post you can select multiple blogs for the post to be sent to. While this is a pretty neat option I can’t think of a reason I would want to post the same article to all my blogs.

Screenshot 9 300x162 Easily manage multiple Wordpress sites

I was planning on creating this post using the site but you aren’t able to upload photos, assign categories or have any functionality added by plugins you have installed. They are working on the ability to clone your blogs as well as backup and restore them so maybe as they add more functionality this will become a viable option for managing every aspect of your blogs.

Screenshot 10 300x158 Easily manage multiple Wordpress sites

At the moment I think you are better off managing your blogs the way you have been, but ManageWP is definately worth keeping your eye on and checking back as it matures.


How do you manage multiple WordPress installations?

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